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Locally owned and operated by Julie Guimond, Sensible Municipal Water Solutions, Inc has been opened since 2020 but in the works for almost 15 years.  Julie has been in the water industry since 2005 and is a member of:

Water Quality Association

Florida Rural Water Association

Georgia Rural Water Association

American Water Works Association

Florida Water Quality Association 


Julie graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Medical Sciences with a concentration in chemistry.  One of her favorite phrases is “Follow the Chemistry.”  Water treatment is all about understanding the chemistry of water and what the actual needs of the client are according to the water test results. 


The cities and counties here in Florida are doing an amazing job with your water according to the guidelines provided by the EPA and the budgets and infrastructure the municipality have available to them.  But EPA guidelines provide that all cities use chlorine or chloramine in the outgoing lines to disinfect the water going to you home and reduce the amount of disease-causing germs in the water as it travels through the pipes to your home.  Cities also do not remove the scales causing agents at the facility, so you have spots and hard water.  Sensible Municipal Water System builds water systems to remove/reduce chlorine, chloramine, scale causing agents, volatile organic chemicals and so much more. 

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Julie Guimond

Founder and Principal

As mentioned above, Julie is the owner of both Sensible Municipal Water Systems as well as Sensible Water Solutions.  She has been in the industry for 17 years with a chemistry focused background.

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Jimmy Day

Project Manager

Jimmy has overseen several projects both commercially and residentially for Sensible.  He has an intimate knowledge of what is needed to set up and plumb to top performance. 


Cynthia Geiges

Administration & Marketing

Cynthia has over 15 years' experience in the administrative field with a focus on marketing.  She has assisted with setting up systems and process, as well as developing marketing materials.  A creative and analytical side allows her to balance both with flare.


Andrew Krupp

VP Quality Control

Andrew has been in the industry for several years, with a focus on plumbing.  He has been part of several projects and knows what is needed to get the job done right.

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